“FBI: International” Luke Kleintank does not leave the role of Scott Forrester

The following contains spoilers from the January 24 episode of CBS’ FBI: international.

For weeks now, FBI: internationalScott Forrester’s special agent has been threatened, by muckety-muck Ken Dandridge, with firing of his time on the Fly team.

In this week’s episode – which involved the search for one, then two missing girls – Forrester (played by original actor Luke Kleintank) and Dandridge (Michael Torpey) butted heads again and again, the latter Almost counting out loud the minutes until Forrester is forced to clock in as leader of Team Fly. The legal attaché at the US embassy in Budapest even got the support of a US senator to scare Forrester into his less experienced way of doing things.

But when all was said and done, Forrester took his own approach to following a final lead and as a result managed to locate/rescue both girls. And icing on the cake, with the help of Special Agent Zoey McKenna, it was revealed that Dandridge ordered an unauthorized tap on Forrester’s phone! So not only did Dandridge miss out on victory and in doing so oust Forrester as leader of Team Fly, he ended up in numerous legal troubles.

Reflecting on the week-long storyline that, among other things, welcomed his paternity leave from the CBS drama (he and wife Christina welcomed their first child in 2022), Kleintank told TVLine, “I thought the writers had did a great job crafting a storyline that built up lots of drama with lots of twists and kept people on the edge of their seats.

“I know this freaked the fans out,” Kleintank added (quite correctly!), “but Forrester isn’t going anywhere.”

The new dad went on to say, “It meant a lot to me that the executive producers were able to give me this free time to spend with my family during a truly life-changing experience. I want to thank the entire Dick Wolf team, especially Michael Katlemen, Derek Haas, Anastasia Puglisi and Ernesto Alcalde for making this possible. I am grateful.”

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