Slog AM: confirmed measles case, here are the chatbots and you know what this bike path needs? More gravel.

Children are essentially little screaming disease libraries. Kindergarten vaccination rates are down statewide, including here in King County. The federal vaccination target is 95%, but we are at 89% nationally. One of the main causes is an increase in the number of families claiming religious exemptions.

More great news for germs. You keep masking up when you’re in public places indoors, right? King County Public Health just announced that a woman with infectious measles recently spent time at Sea-Tac and Providence Swedish First Hill. If you are vaccinated, you probably have strong protection against the virus. If you are unvaccinated and think you have been exposed, watch for cold symptoms or a rash, then call a doctor if they develop. (Also, if you think you might have measles, don’t go to the hospital or clinic in person without telling them first). I can’t say I like wearing a mask all the time, but I make happy not to have had a single cold in the last three years.

Time for the sidewalk makeover! Thanks again to the Seattle Street Fixers for sprucing up the sidewalks the city can’t/won’t. Join them for future cleanups here.

Are you looking for a few hundred thousand social security numbers? Pierce County accidentally released 460,000 partial Social Security numbers in December, officials have revealed. The error occurred in response to a routine request for public records, and the Pierce County Auditor’s Office quickly spotted the error and asked the recipient to delete the information within two hours. The county apologized and offered advice to those affected to protect their private information and watch for fraud.

Bothell is a city and Seattle is not. Bothell’s update to its citywide bike plan is about to go into effect, and it’s looking pretty good. Last year the city was criticized for moving too slowly, so they’ve revised the plan and they’re about to start building a surprisingly comprehensive network. Meanwhile, here in pathetic Seattle, the latest update to the Pike Place car-free market says it will likely take several more years to launch a pilot program to limit vehicle access. Bothell! Why the hell not?

Bring back the hootenannies. The annual Bellingham Folk Festival ended this weekend with a cowboy camp run by the Tango Cowboys. Over 50 folk fans gathered at Brandywine Kitchen to sing together. It looks nice.

Seattle weather indicates you should vote yes on I-135. Well, technically they said vote no. But what better proof could you ask for that you should vote yes? Anyway, here is a thread why their objections to the social housing initiative are misguided.

What’s going on with the Seattle Sounders? The soccer club has just accepted sponsorship from Providence, a Washington healthcare system that has a history of receiving complaints about its treatment of transgender patients and not offering abortions. The attorney general sued the hospital system last year for allegedly illegally releasing collection agencies on patients. The fans are furious.

A cozy little corner. If you know any little gnomes looking for a cozy little place to call home, direct their attention to this service offered by Seattle Parks:

It’s hard to know who to anger first here. A group of Republicans Classes they were Republicans) recently threw a small party in honor of one of the cops who participated in the raid where Breonna Taylor was killed. The location: a restaurant where a group of other people were having dinner and minding their own business when the presentation – which included the sound of gunfire – started. Diners complained to the restaurant owner, who didn’t care.

Another great weekend for the Second Amendment. Congratulations to the National Rifle Association on another successful mass shooting weekend. Eleven are now dead and ten were injured during a Lunar New Year celebration in Monterey Park; twelve were injured in a shooting in Baton Rouge; eight were injured at Shreveport; and four were injured in Mississippi.

I’ve lost count of the number of lies George Santos has been caught in. Not like he’s the first liar in Congress or anything, but, GEEZ, is this guy saying anything remotely true? This weekend, after strenuously denying he did drag, Santos changed his story, saying yes, of course he did, “sue me.” Who do you think should play him in the inevitable Ryan Murphy biopic?

Watch where you ride. Look, I know we’re all trying to do our best with limited money, limited time, and limited manpower… but it’s hard to imagine how anyone thought adding absurd turns at ninety degrees and from gravel pits to a bike path would do that better.

Google is actively working to improve its AI chatbot capabilities in order to stay competitive in the market. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin held meetings with company executives last month to discuss a rival’s new chatbot. The artificial intelligence product, developed by small San Francisco company OpenAI, impressed users with its ability to explain complex concepts and generate ideas from scratch. Google is currently reassessing its artificial intelligence strategy, with Page and Brin offering advice to business leaders and endorsing plans to integrate more chatbot functionality into Google’s search engine. Google plans to launch more than twenty new products and introduce a version of its search engine with chatbot functionality later this year.

Reading? It looks rather cheerful. A report by market research firm The NPD Group found that queer young adult books contributed to an increase in LGBTQ+ literature in 2022. The market is expected to grow overall this year, according to the market research firm. Grand View Research. If you want to participate in this trend, allow me to recommend my book, Hey honey, I’m gay! out May 23.

No reason to post this now, really, I really like this number. What’s your favorite Tony number? UGH don’t make me choose! But if you’re looking for one where Bret Michaels does not have suffer a concussion, this one from The sleepy chaperone is the cat pajamas:

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